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What is Sloyd?

All of a sudden I have heard lots of folk talking about “sloyd”. Like “utsushi” in my last post this is a foreign word which has many subtle meanings which are lost in the normal translation simply as “handcraft”. This word I know a little more about though having spent some time in Sweden and […]

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Just came across this from a design conference Nicola attended in Barcelona in 2003, I liked it and thought I would share it. “Techné is Greek for “craft” and “art” and is the term that Aristotle used in theorising knowledge, to refer to the third form of knowledge in his classification of sciences. Now understood […]

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spoon carving course

Our bank holiday weekend was spent teaching a spoon carving course. Green woodwork has become a popular hobby in the UK but the most common route people take is chairmaking. In Sweden a much larger variety of greenwood crafts are practiced and most of them are based on skilled use of the knife and axe. […]

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