nest no 007 flame blackened sycamore



These nests of bowls are very special. It took me five years to learn how to make them and I have to forge all my own curved hook tools to cut one bowl inside the other, most of the time I am working blind by feel. They are collectors pieces but also designed for use, they will get nicer with regular use. I don’t make many of these and starting with the launch of my new website I am going to number and record each set. No 006 is a lovely deep set of nested bowls in ripple sycamore. 15″ by 6″. This is the first time I have scorched a big nest of bowls, having invested a lot of time and energy into turning them there is a risk in the scorching. I am hugely pleased with the outcome though, I think this is one of the nicest nests I have ever made. These scorched bowls are a joy to use, they have a lovely silky feel and age beautifully.

There is a video showing the process and the history on the “Craft” page.



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