Eating Spoon Masterclass with JoJo Wood April 9-10 2016



Join JoJo in a two day exploration of the pinnacle of spoon-carving, the eating spoon. Not only must an eating spoon look beautiful, but it must also feel amazing in both hand and mouth. If the bowl on a cooking spoon isn’t perfect, it will still stir a pan. If the bowl of an eating spoon isn’t quite right, it makes for an uncomfortable and unpleasant eating experience. A well-carved wooden eating spoon can be a thing of joy to use, and that’s what you’re going to learn about in this two-day course. From tree to spoon, we’ll use just an axe, a straight knife and a spoon knife.

This course is for people who already have a fair amount of carving experience, looking to push themselves to the next level. Book here