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After many years forging my own tools I have finally started making hooks for sale. The are made from an excellent high alloy steel, very hard and tough so they hold an edge for a long time. They come razor sharp and ready to use. I carve a handle out of any dry hardwood scrap I have to hand, drill an 8mm hole then hold the blade in a pair of mole grips tap it gently into the hole. The corners of the tang will bite into the wood and hold it firm but you can add glue for extra security if you like.

This is the left handed blade with an open almost symmetrical curve. This is the type of blade I use for production spoon carving and it is great for finishing cuts on a spoon running down rather than across the grain. It is not quite so versatile as the compound curve knife though.

In the near future I will be also selling them with handles.

The image below shows all four blades that I make from the top they are

right hand open sweep
left hand open sweep
right hand compound curve
left hand compound curve

You can see a video of one of my knives in use and the three common grips I recommend for using them here

And whilst the knives come razor sharp and ready to use eventually you will need to sharpen it yourself. This video shows the method I use.


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