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2 reviews for Wood Tools website

  1. Bill high

    I received my Robin Wood Hatchet, one of his book knives and a Mora knife all are very well built and sharp and ready for use upon arrival. I am very pleased with this pirchase.

  2. Markus Tobert

    Received all the stuff i ordered in the mail over a week ago, Robin Wood carving axe, Bush craft axe , hook knife and Sloyd knife. lets start with the shipping: its amazingly fast , the fastest shipping i have experienced and i live in Western Canada, arrived in less then a week . that has something to say, and the tools are very nice .sure there’s many good tools and axes out there but for this price i don’t think so . well made tools with a great feel . made a couple spoons already and i have to say don’t just get the axe , get the hook knife if not two there amazing. Very pleased.

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