a new dovecote

It has been a busy few days without much turning. It was our son Ollie’s birthday on Sunday so the end of last week was spent sorting his present out. Whenever the weather is fit he likes to climb out of his window and sit on the roof of the porch reading his books and watching the world go by. We decided to get him some doves for company. We found a lovely old dovecote, in Walsall and a nice chap that bred the doves at Blackburn so there were a few miles done and a lot of work to repair the cote and make brackets to fix it to the wall. Now we have to keep them netted in for 2-3 weeks until they recognise this as home before we can let them fly free.

One Response to a new dovecote

  1. TREEWRIGHT March 12, 2008 at 10:42 am #

    Nice present.Presumably these are pets or are they for the table?