a new lathe

The swallows are happily feeding young now. It has been a busy couple of weeks with turning the big bowls for Ridley Scotts film Nottingham and then I needed to build a new lathe bed for my mobile lathe. The old one lasted about 12 years and the uprights or poppits as they are called are still OK. I made the new one out of a curved ash, half made the bed and the other half I cleaved up to make the legs, I like the look of it.

Then I cut up a large beech into blanks to make Mary Rose replica plates and headed off to Norfolk for the Royal Norfolk Show at Norwich.

And it did turn out to be a royal show too with a visit from prince Harry. Here he is chatting with my friends Ben and Lois on the next stand.

My highlight of the show was meeting with Richard Darah an archaeologist and woodworker who I have known about for many years but we have never met. He is currently working with Damian Goodburn on the bronze age Dover Boat. At the show he was demonstrating various period woodworking techniques including cleaving oak laths.

Yesterday was a long day, the show opens to the public at 8am and we could not get out of the showground till 7.30pm followed by a 4 hour drive home. Today I have cut up another beach ring for another batch of plates and tonight I am off to the Strawberry Moon festival a nice small festival run by Severn Trent Water at Tittesworth Water only an hour from home.

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