a new forge

I have been forging my own woodturning tools for more than 15 years but for all that time I have borrowed other peoples forges which has its drawbacks. Today I took delivery of my very own new (to me) forge. It’s a gas powered forge similar to the ones farriers use and because it is small and well insulated will run for a very long time on a small bottle of gas. So now when I break a tool or get half way through a job and think that a different tool shape would maybe work better I will be able to go straight to the forge and make one. I am still flat out turning bowls for the Ridley Scott film so other than a quick fire up to check it all worked I have to resist the temptation to play for a couple of weeks.

My swallow family are not doing too well this year, they have only raised three young but they are pretty big now and should make it. They have got big enough to hoist their back ends out of the nest and poo all over the workshop. Every year I forget just how much mess they make but I still love having them in the workshop with me.

2 Responses to a new forge

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  2. Vee July 17, 2008 at 7:23 am #

    did you know swallows making nest in your home brings good luck and fortune? cool!