the perfect customer

This week I sent out a set of 8 plates to a lovely customer who uses my plates on his boat. This is the email he sent me.

“We bought a set of your plates 9 years ago for our sailing boat Alice we built and completed in 2000 ,they have been in use ever since and much admired, I bought another set of beech plates 6 years ago at Art In Action which are in daily use and also much admired. The currently ordered set is for a wedding present for the son of one of our boat group and I expect him to hand them on to his children as we will ours !

For your gallery a wee piccy of Alice who has carried your plates south to Spain, north round Britain and all round the western channel, if you visit Lymington in the New Forest you will be welcome to come for a sail !”

There is something really good about sailing boats and since my plates are replicas of ones from the Mary Rose its nice to see them in a nautical home, but mostly I just love to hear from folk who enjoy using them.

edit Stephen just sent me this rather nice picture of his 9 year old plates in use last year in Scrabster “being fed by local fishermen on fresh shellfish while we waited for bad weather to pass”

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  1. Doug Stowe August 24, 2008 at 3:20 pm #

    Robin, I’m returning a visit and it seems we have a bit in common. I love the photos of boats. Alice is a beauty. Many of my friends here in Arkansas are Andy Goldsworthy fans and you find stacks of rocks in interesting places.Americans have the Brits to thank for Thoreau. He had been nearly forgotten here before the Arts and Crafts Movement came over from England. Now, with computers and gameboys, we are descending to the dark side.Let’s keep in touch.Doug blogging at