Advanced spooncarving course

We just had a busy weekends spooncarving. This was the first time we have run an “advanced” spooncarving course. Lots of folk have told us after our beginners courses that they would like to come back and do more, so this was a sort of trial run. We wanted to keep it small so just ran it at home with 3 people and had to turn a few away but we will run more next year.

So on Friday John, Steve and Ros joined us and we set to, chopping, carving, sharpening and carving some more. We all had great fun and everyone seemed to be happy not only with what they made but the new skills they learned. I was very pleased with how things went, here are some of the spoons they made.

2 Responses to Advanced spooncarving course

  1. Shawn November 13, 2008 at 12:28 pm #

    What woods do you prefer to make your spoons from. I recently heard someone suggest that olive wood was “the only” wood to use.

  2. Robin Wood November 19, 2008 at 3:24 pm #

    Hi Shawn,To me the beauty of spooncarving is that it allows me to get to know my local woods and to use small diameter branches. So no I don’t use Olive wood as it doesn’t grow in the UK.I like alder, willow, poplar or lime to teach beginners, these are soft and easy to carve and make good cooking and serving spoons. Birch is a wonderful next step as it is soft when green but goes quite hard as it dries. Sycamore, maple and all the fruitwoods are great for eating spoons.