on exhibition in the USA

A couple of weeks ago some of my work went on exhibition in Philadelphia as part of the “Challenge VII” exhibition which aims to show interesting pieces that are pushing the boundaries of the art of woodturning in the world today.

The very posh catalogue arrived yesterday and I was delighted not only to be in the exhibition but to be rather centre stage. My “piece” is a video installation showing the making of a bowl and a large pile of discarded waste cores. I wanted to highlight the history of the craft and the shear quantity of production that used to go on, and still does in my workshop. Especialy for the American market I called it “cor blimey”

The selection committee commented “Two pieces in the Challenge VII show illustrate the kind of ideas we hoped for. Both are utterly fresh and unexpected. British artist Robin Wood is a master of functional turning if ever there was one. However, his video installation reveals the mounds of dysfunctionality inherent in his production. Oddly provocative and momorably beautiful.”

The exhibition tours various museums and galleries in the States for the next 3 years.

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