I tend to do a bit of everything each day and today was pretty typical. This morning was very cold with a hard frost, I answered emails, kept up to date and answered some questions on a couple of woody/bushcrafty forums then packed up a couple of parcels of sets of plates. Then I tried out a new Japanese sharpening stone I had been lent by a friend which I was very impressed with.

After an early lunch it was up to the workshop which being 50m higher and shaded by a tall hill was even colder. I cut up a large log and cut about 25 bowl blanks then turned 5 porringers. The hard work keeps the body warm but there is nothing I can do for the hands which are constantly changing from one freezing cold tool to the next. I can’t wear a glove on my left hand because I need to keep feeling the thickness of the bowl as it progresses. I was able to work up to about 4pnm because the snow and clear sky kept it light longer. Some days there has been insuficient light to work after 3.30.

So back home I had another couple of emailed orders and one on the phone to parcel up and a pile of visa slips and cheques from the last week to pay in and record in the books. After dinner now I am going to go and carve the porringer handles, Nicola is already carving some spoons.

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