Swedish woodworking

This week I had a visit from Anders Theodorson our Swedish friend who we have stayed with several times when visiting the Swedish National craft school at Saterglantan. He works for the Swedish company Clas Ohlson and was over for the opening of their first store in the UK. It was nice that he was able to spend 2 days with us.

Anders first heard of my work after seeing a magazine article (in an American woodworking magazine) showing me building a pole lathe in at a symposium in Germany. He went on to build a lathe and start turning bowls. We have spent quite some time together since and he is now a very competent bowl turner so it was fun for both of us to have him play on my lathe at home. Here are some pictures of him turning a porringer.

Hollowing the inside. It was cold.

And the bowl as it came off the lathe.

Some skilled axe work to carve the handles.

And in the evening we had some time to carve spoons and shrink pots.

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