spooncarving courses early booking

As someone who plans few things more than a week or two away it takes quite an effort to sort our course dates out months in advance. We have been very pleased then to already have a good number of bookings even for courses into June and October and only have one place left on our February course. This does help us to plan ahead so if you are thinking you might like to do a course why not check the dates out here www.spooncarving.net and come and spend an enjoyable few days learning how to carve with an axe and knife, it really is fun.

Here are a few comments from folk on last years courses

“We couldn’t really think of any improvements as the venue, the content, the pace and even the food was spectacular. It was much more than we’d expected or indeed hoped for and we have already reccomended it to others”

“There is nothing I would change about the course at all – I was really
struck by the quality of the teaching and information given, having taught
for so many years I’m a bit picky about that kind of thing and I was really
impressed. The bit at the beginning when we learnt the different cuts was
really valuable.”

“I think you are one of the most inspiring teachers I have come across.”

“Whilst I’d previously had lots of experience of not sharpening things well and
some tuition, I found Robin’s explanation enlightening.”

We concentrate more on passing on skills rather than making things on the courses. Many short craft courses concentrate all the effort on making one nice object to take home. I am more interested in what you make at home in the weeks afterwards as a guage of success. We do make some things on the courses as well here are some examples.

One persons work from a beginners course.

And this is a ladle made by one of our first students 6 months after the course, we liked it so much we bought it (well swapped it for a knife actually) and now use it for our soup ladle on the courses.

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