beautiful wooden spoons

I was just contacted by a chap in the US who does some spooncarving and chairmaking. He was taken with some pictures of a spoon rack on our website and wanted better pictures to show how it was made. So I thought I would put them here and a link to his site too. His name is Matthew Comer and I like his philosophy as much as his work.

It often appears that most people are obsessed with making money and buying things today but there are actually still a surprising number of people who are doing what they do for the love of the work, they just take a little searching out.

Anyway these are the pictures of the spoon rack. Sadly I don’t know who made it but it is in the kitchens at Saterglantan Swedens national handcraft school. I have taught woodturning courses there but also learned a lot during our stays, it is an inspiring place.

The spoons in the racks are made by various different craftspeople that have taught courses there over the years. There are equally inspiring collections of pottery, basketry, birch bark work and wooden bowls, now including some of mine. If you like pictures of this sort of work let me know and I could add some more. To me it is a joy to see beautiful objects used in everyday life.

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