Last year I came across a chap in Sweden Fredde Norgren who has wonderful bushcraft skills. He has lots of videos on his youtube site and if you are into the outdoors and simple (but very proficient) hand skills I would recomend looking through them.

Fredde and I have aranged a 3 day course in the UK so we can get together and share skills, have some fun time camping in the woods and Fredde will teach a small group of folk how to make and shoot their own bow and arrows. I have made a number of longbows over the years but Fredde has a very simple design which works extremely well. I am really looking forward to it. If you would like to join us details are on our courses page here.

This is Fredde making a bow

and an arrow

and shooting here

And one of my favourite videos is this one where he shows how to cook with hot rocks. I have often heard how Native Americans cooked this way in tightly woven baskets filled with water which they would boil by adding hot rocks, it always sounded a very slow and inefective process but Fredde shows it here and once his fire and rocks are hot he boils a cup of water faster than gas stove.

Our course will be in a friends wood in Essex and the dates are May 15th-17th

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