forging tools for Ridley Scott

Yesterday I rough forged a set of turners tools to go with my old lathe on the set of Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood film. These have been forged then ground and now go back in the forge to have the curved cutting hook forged.

I have also been working on a quote for building an education shelter at the site of an old waterpowered cutlery mill in Sheffield. It would have been an interesting project, the site is gorgeous with wonderful old buildings. The spec called for innovative designs but I had sketched up a hewn timber frame with a stone slab roof to match those on the other buildings. In the end though I decided it would take me away from my core work for too long and the budget was tight to do the job as well as I wanted to. So it’s back to the workshop to concentrate on the bowlturning for me. Having taken the decision I spent yesterday morning turning bowls and the afternoon forging tools, both of which gave me great pleasure.

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  1. hen May 6, 2009 at 4:19 pm #

    good on you for being able to make a decision like that. I would have found it very hard to.I always feel I should take every opportunity that comes and end up spreading myself too thinly. Thankfully I’m much better than I used to be!!henx