a holiday with German friends

Last week we were on holiday in Germany visiting Michail and Hannes the friends that built our woodshed for us last year. We lived in a yurt for the week the sun shone, we carved lots of spoons visited craftspeople sat late into the evening round the campfire and had a lovely time.

I have not sorted the pictures from the trip yet but will post a few later.

Looking back I am not sure I ever posted pictures of the finished woodstore so I’ll post some pics here.

And these are the posts from last year when I felled the trees and we put the frame up.

One Response to a holiday with German friends

  1. Graeme October 19, 2013 at 12:15 am #

    The shed looks great, nice use of limbs for braces and great to see that you gave it continuity with the stone building by using the same roof pitch.