London town on foot

Yesterday was the grand launch of the craft blueprint, a document which we hope will help direct training in the craft sector over coming years. The event took place on the terrace at the House of Lords that’s the little marquee bottom left in this picture. The document is available to download here

Inside it looks like this and it’s about as hard to get in as to get through customs at an average airport.

The Heritage Crafts Association were represented by 4 committee members from left to right Patricia Lovett, me in a suit, Chris Rowley, and Daniel Carpenter. It was a good day for meeting anybody and everybody within the craft world and putting faces to voices we have been talking to on the phone.

Here is the video shown at the launch.

After the meeting I headed off to the Imperial War Museum South of the river. It was an interesting day in London because the tubes (subway) were on strike. I always prefer to walk anyway but yesterday a lot more people were walking. I needed to be at the War Museum at closing time to meet with someone who works there and is potentially interested in undertaking research for the HCA as part of an MA in Cultural Heritage. We have several potential research projects in mind and I think this could provide some objective information to assist us in our cause.

One of the benefits of staying above ground in London is that you not only get a mental impression of how far apart things are but you also get to see lots of interesting stuff in between. I just happened across this shop on New Oxford Street. I recognised it from articles I had read as the place to buy a traditional umbrella or walking stick, a family business since 1830. Sadly I was too rushed to go in and say hello but I will go back. See their website here.

And one more amazing building, there are so few timber frames left in London, this one must have survived the fire of 1666.

Left home 8am returned 12.30, a long but good day. Tomorrow we start a 3 day woodcarving course at home.

2 Responses to London town on foot

  1. TREEWRIGHT June 12, 2009 at 2:17 am #

    I love that building in High Holborn – it's called Staple Inn and is used as the logo on Old Holborn tobacco. It was virtually rebuilt after a German bomb almost destroyed it in WW2. Find out more on Wiki.

  2. Graeme October 19, 2013 at 12:27 am #

    Great photo, I hadn’t quite got why books call English timberframes ‘half-timbered’ but seeing such a large building makes it obvious.