spoon and kuksa carving course

Last week we had a very enjoyable developers spooncarving course which turned into more of a kuksa carving course. After the first 2 days covering the basics of spoon design and carving spoons from crooks or bent pieces of wood to get a strong but light spoon I always offer a range of projects for the last day. Everyone chose to make a kuksa, that is the little drinking cups from the sami culture of northern Scandinavia. Here we are getting started.

And here are some of the things people made. What makes these courses so much fun is the entheusiasm everyone seems to have and it really is just very pleasant spending time whittling allong with a group of nice people that are enjoying making things with their hands.

As with all our courses I try to do as little hands on myself as possible, it is more important to me that people feel empowered to make things themselves when they get home than having a few perfect things to take home but not the skills to repeat it.

One Response to spoon and kuksa carving course

  1. Alison - Eco Eco June 29, 2009 at 10:07 am #

    Absolutely loved the course – thanks Robin and Nicola. Hoping to do a bit of carving this afternoon, sitting in the garden.Pleased you blogged about this; I wasn't sure how to spell 'kuksa'!