Last weekend I was turning at Linacre woodland festival near Chesterfield. It is a lovely small local event in nice woodland alongside the reservoir. There are some excellent craftspeople demonstrating and we stay on site and have a nice evening round the camp fire….sometimes work can be very pleasurable indeed. It is a family friendly event with story telling for kids of all ages.

Peter Eyre’s big horse is kept busy all day giving folk rides.

Opening up the results of Saturdays charcoal burn. When I started forging my own tools I used to burn my own charcoal in an old oil drum like this and it works very well for small quantities.

There is a quiet end of the woods with the hand tool craftsmen and a noisy end with demostrations of modern forestry practice and chainsaw carving.

I really liked Geoff Norton’s stand and work, he is based near York have a look at his website

Owen Jones the swill basket maker.

Dave Watson who runs bushcraft courses in Derbyshire. He is particularly good at demystifying firelighting techniques and making it easy instead of hard work. Here he is using a hand drill, not easy but he got an ember in little over a minute and quickly blew it into fire.

Deave’s website