Edale landscape photos

Just wanted to share a couple of snaps taken out of my back garden last week. I love the way the landscape changes as the light moves across the hills spotlighting different areas. These two shots show features spanning 2500 years of human activity.

Looking south we see Mam Tor or mother hill an iron age hill fort. The paralel horizontal lines near the top are huge earthworks forming a bank and ditch which encircled the hill.

Looking South West now we can see to the left the zig zag tracks known locally as peat tracks. Folk used to cut peat for fuel on the moor and drag it down with horse and sled. To the right is another trach which used to be the main road out of the valley until 100 years ago, today it is mostly used by gangs of folk in landrovers seeing if they can get them stuck in the huge ruts.

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