time with German friends

My friends Michail and Hannes visited last week, we visited Owen Jones in the Lakes and the Carpenters Fellowship Frame event where we were all demonstrating hand tool woodworking. It was school holidays so Ollie came with us. Lots of good times.

This is Owen working on a basket.

He lives on the banks of Coniston and let us take out his gorgeous old rowboat.

We had to head for “wild cat island” my son Ollie is a great fan of the Swallows and Amazons books and so was Michail. You can see the island in the distance here.

Half an hour later we were there.

No trip top the lakes would be complete without climbing a hill.

And on the way back home we called in to see the Rivington barns, very impressive cruck frames.

Demos for the timber framers. Hannes hewing Japanese style.

Michail carving with the adze.

Me teaching axe and knife carving.

And afterwards we toured the Avoncroft museum where the event was staged, one of the highlights was the old circular saw where we were treated to a full tour and even had a go. It ran from a four litre single cylinder tractor.

My favourite part of the museum is the chainmaking workshop and when I last visited there was a chap demonstrating chainmaking but alas he passed away and now they have no one to demonstrate and the exhibit does not have the same life. The baskets are interesting, they are swills similar to Owens but a regional variation which died out.

Back home we had one spare day and chose to climb the hill behind the house, it is always good to have visitors to help you to see with new eyes and appreciate what you have.

2 Responses to time with German friends

  1. The Fuz September 17, 2009 at 4:13 pm #

    I would so be the demonstrator there! Not that making chain would be that interesting in itself, but I love doing blacksmith demos. Too bad I'm all the way over here in the US.

  2. onesilentwinter November 6, 2009 at 8:47 pm #

    oh wonderufl to have found this blog!