holiday cottage in Galicia,Spain

This post is a plug for Lluis and Anna’s rather lovely holiday cottage in the mountains of northern Spain. It is called “Casa dos Artesans” and I will I am sure be returning with the family. It is the perfect spot for a group of folk who don’t want the standard beach holiday. If you are into walking, wildlife, craft, wine and local food and culture it is all here. The climate is my idea of perfect, far enough south to be beautifully warm and sunny in the day but with enough altitude to be cool at night. Here is the balcony outside my bedroom.

There are two double bedrooms and a twin. The renovation and decoration are very sympathetic, I love the old pitsawn chestnut floorboards.

The patio area for the evening sun.

And just to show it did rain briefly on the last day I was there this is the south facing front, Lluis and Annas hoome is in the background.

And for a little flavour of the way of life here, there is a comunal washing area in the village square where folk do their washing and hang it out to dry.

Coming back from my morning walk I met the mobile shop.

Many folk come to this area for the wine but the walking, views and natural history are stunning.

And finally a bit more info about my hosts. Anna is English and first went to Galecia in 1989 studying traditional ways of life as part of her MA. In 1995 she spent 6 months traveling and recording traditional craftspeople, many of whom have since died, the record she made is a wonderful document. In 2002 and she finally settled in Galecia with Lluis and concentrated on weaving the traditional Galician folk textiles. Anna makes lovely scarves and I bought one for Nicola, she is particularly interested in natural dying and weaving with natural fibres particularly linen. This is a small version of the traditional Galician farm sack.

Lluis was for 19 years a monk before training as a basketmaker. He has spent a further 19 years learning and teaching the traditional types of basket that were made in Northern Spain specialising in split wood basketry. I took this lovely basket with me on my morning walks, it is made of split sweet chestnut wood so seemed the perfect basket for gathering chestnuts.

Lluis and me tucking into sepia, a Catalonian dish made with potatoes and cuttlefish.

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  1. LLUISYANNA October 29, 2009 at 11:40 pm #

    What a glowing report Robin (Lluis and I are blushing out here in Galicia). What Robin didn´t mention when he wrote about the conference here in Galicia in his last blog entry was that he was an excellent speaker during the Internet course and we all felt quite inspired. Richard Law – thanks for your best wishes. Simon – Yes we DID get to Tarramundi and watched a knife maker at work. We also went to an excellent ethnographic museum at Grandas de Salime where Robin met … (over to you Robin). Josh P – if your wife would like some hand-dyed yarn please feel free to contact me at