wooden bowls, new books and tools

So Monday in the House of Lords and Wednesday stood in the rain sawing up logs to make bowl blanks, my life is nothing if not varied at the moment.

Today I cut up a sycamore log and I can tell from the blanks that it will make really nice star bowls. I have been out of stock of them for a while and will enjoy making them again.

When I came home I had some very exciting parcels waiting. First some tools from Hans Karlsson in Sweden. These are adzes which I bought so I can start teaching bowl carving courses next year.

Next parcel was a book I bought from www.abebooks.com the second hand web bookstore. One of my all time favourite books is “The unknown craftsman” by Soetsu Yanagi translated by Bernard Leach. I used to have a copy of the companion volume “Hamada Potter” but I lent it to someone, lost track and never got it back. They seem to be not very common and for quite a while all the available copies were very expensive but I picked up this hardback for £40 and am very much looking forward to re reading it.

And whilst on the subject of books I recently was recommended this book and I’ll pass the recommendation on. Scotland’s crafts 2000 isbn 1901663426

It is just a lovely little book which clearly sums up the way in which traditional crafts have received no recognition or support to the point that they are dwindling yet they are kept alive by a few dedicated folk. It is nicely presented with a good range of excellent photos of craftspeople, hands at work, tools, materials and products,and all nicely designed too. Not comprehensive but a nice little book.

3 Responses to wooden bowls, new books and tools

  1. Eric November 12, 2009 at 2:24 pm #

    that is a serious stack of HK adzes…wow!

  2. ChuckT November 12, 2009 at 5:22 pm #

    Hey – I just read The Unknown Craftsman on your recommendation. LOVED it. Thanks! Now – to find a copy Hamada Potter. Don't suppose you'd lend it to me? 😉 Actually – I am starting another of your recommendations I believe. The Schumaker book – Small Is Beautiful. Cheers!

  3. T.Cookson November 19, 2009 at 12:52 am #

    just read the scotlands crafts book highly reccomend it, great book to read, ive just recieved a book through the post today called "lost crafts" by una mcgovern great book i reccomend checking this out too