Websites are great for craftspeople to sell work if you have repeatable items. They are not so easy for one off pieces as creating a webpage with photos and details takes time this is OK if your pieces are hundreds of pounds but for  £20 piece it can take as long to update all the details as it took to make.

Blogs are much quicker and easier to do and more to the point once set up can be updated by someone with very little technical knowhow (like me) So Nicola has just replaced my bowl gallery pages with a blog. I had imagined this just being a link to open the blog in a new window but somehow by cleverly tweaking the HTML code she has embeded the blog in the website so it all looks seamless.

The beauty of this is that I was able to upload a range of the more unusual bowls that I have in stock in minutes, within 48 hours several had sold and I was able in seconds to mark the ones which were sold.

Web 2 software, things like blogs, forums etc makes it much easier for non technical people to publish information on the web, I don’t need to know how to fix the engine in order to drive a car and now I don’t have to understand HTML in order to post stuff on the web. There are various websites popping up which allow craftspeople to use this sort of software to upload their work for sale, etsy, folksy, misi etc but they all take a commission on sales. I know several friends that use blogs to promote their craftwork and post pictures of work, pots as they come out of the kiln or whatever, the problem is unless there is a price on the work it makes it difficult to buy and blogs are chatty places where I don’t necesarily want to make a sales pitch. Also pictures of work rapidly get lost amongst other blog posts so a dedicated seperate blog only with work for sale seemed a good answer and it seems to be working for me.

I have to say I took the idea from a fellow blogger who I follow the potter Euan Craig. This is his new work gallery blog.

And whilst you visit Euan be sure to have a look at this blog post of 25th November which is just a wonderful heartwarming story.

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