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I am not sure if anyone ever looks at the page links across to the right under “Links and Blogs” if you do and enjoy what you find there let me know. I only link to people I know well or causes I know about and believe in so it is not a long list. Today I added a new one at the top.

This is the blog run by my wife Nicola about the Kesurokai Japanese woodworking exchange trip we will be going on in August. The blog is there to share the insights and disseminate knowledge that comes out of the event and we also hope it will encourage some sponsorship. Whilst we are happy to put our own time into the event and we no doubt will get a lot out of it we are hoping we may get some sponsorship to offset the cost of travel. We have already been kindly offered some funding from the Association of Pole Lathe Turners and Green Woodworkers, The Carpenters Fellowship and Living Woods Magazine.

It still feels a long way away and there is a lot of work to concentrate on in the meantime but Japan is somewhere I have wanted to go for many years and I am very excited about the trip.

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