English country pottery

We have a fantastic heritage of pottery in Britain with many threads. Medieval earthenware jugs are universally praised then there are gorgeous 18th century slipware dishes, the rise of industrial ceramics in the Staffordshire potteries, salt glazed stoneware in the 19th and early 20th C and finally the studio pottery movement and Bernard Leach’s fusion of East and West.

I have recently been sent links to some great pottery videos that I wanted to share. I have a great love of old earthenware pottery and used to visit Roly Curtis at Littlethorpe potteries many years ago and dig clay and try to throw pots for fun. http://www.littlethorpepotteries.co.uk/curtis_tradition.asp

So on to the videos, the first one is Isaac Button the speed and ease of working are a joy to watch.

This one is not English though he has visited and learned from many of the best old English potters works very much in that tradition and is a keen supporter of British traditional crafts. Guy Wolff centering 50lb of clay.

and finishing the pot

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  1. guywolff August 18, 2010 at 2:03 am #

    Hello Robin and thanks for adding my throwing clip . Long live Traditional Craft in Briton !!!