Wooden bowls and spoons are a joy to use, wood is a natural insulator so keeps your food warm without having to heat the bowl first and mealtimes are quieter without the scraping of metal on ceramic. This was dinner last night.

The duck bowl was one I made a couple of years ago and is painted with natural home made paint, recipe here.

The spoon with the asparagus is one of our typical Swedish inspired serving spoons and the lovely serving slice with the peppers was made by a friend Peter Kohidi a very talented carver from Hungary.

and just to show I love ceramics too this is the same Swedish inspired spoon serving couscous from a bowl by one of my favourite potters Svend Bayer.

After use all our woodware gets washed up in hot water with detergent just like the rest of the dishes, even washing up is a quiet and enjoyable experience.

Author Robin Wood

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