A great wooden spoon carving course

This week we had a “developers” carving course. Thanks to a great bunch of folk we had a fun time and carved some lovely work.

My daughter Jojo has just done her basic food hygiene training so she can work in the village cafe so she was in charge of catering for the first time.

Phil and Peter having fun, Phil is a very talented basketmaker and trained under David Drew. I loved the basket he brought along and asked him to make me one like it.

Darren is a local blacksmith who has forged gate furniture for me in the past. See these lovely hinges

Darren is also a fully trained farrier and it was interesting to see the way he uses the spooncarving hooks palm up just like he would use a farriers knife.

Nicola discussing the finer points of refining the form.

Bobbie working on a kuksa. These sami drinking vessels are a really nice project.

I missed doing photos at the end but here are Mick’s spoons at the end of day 2, a nice mix of eating spoons, cooking spoons and serving spoons.

One of the nicest things about teaching spoon and bowl carving courses the way we do is that a remarkable percentage of people carry on carving at home. We try to pass on all the basic skills and enough inspiration to empower folk to work on their own. Carving like this seems to fit more easily into busy modern lives than many crafts, no need for a special workshop or lots of tools. Today I got a nice email with photos from Sharif who was on our last bowl carving course showing some of the work he has done over the last few weeks. It gives me a real biuzz to see pictures like these. To me the success of a course is not just people going home with some nice things they made but going home with skills and inspiration.

I have just packed my van full of tools and wood to demonstrate green woodworking at Glastonbury so am hoping for sunshine.

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  2. abusymum June 21, 2010 at 7:44 pm #

    Looks fabulous, and you have such an interesting range of folk involved! I'm quite jealous my other half has dibs on spoons in September, but I have been keeping going with the bowls. I'm working on one at the mo (20-30 mins an evening means it takes me a while) but I've got a couple of bits on my blog, and planning a bit more soon when my very own carving axe arrives.