a new bridge and working with a journeyman

I seem to have had quite a run of bridge building recently, I don’t think I ever posted finished pictures of the last one so let’s start with that. It has apparently become the place in Bradfield for wedding photos which I find rather flattering. Someone mentioned that a previous bridge at Goldenclough in Edale appeared in a [photography competition in Sheffield.

So when building these bridges I start with a tree, sometimes it takes a long time to find the right tree but in this case the National Trust had just the right tree growing a few hundred yards down the road., they felled it for me in February before the sap rose. And this is Dietrich a German journeyman who spent a few days working with me.

Marking a straight line down the tree.

and cutting along the line freehand with a very big chainsaw.

And the fist slab comes off.

 Cutting the curved profile, the slab from the top will make the matching handrails.

then we winched the main beam down toward the road.

 The idea of being a journeyman is that you travel and expand your skills (Dietrich was a full trained time served cabinetmaker before he started his journeyman time nearly 3 years ago) So as well as playing with some big timber we spent some time in the turning workshop and Dietrich made a couple of nice bowls.

The journeyman structure is very interesting so I shall make another post about that soon.

One Response to a new bridge and working with a journeyman

  1. Murphyfish July 22, 2010 at 9:00 am #

    Ahh if only all bridges could be built this way! Excellent piece and there is something intriguing about the journeyman idea.Regards,John