traditional wood and silver quaiches

I have just finished a little batch of quaiches and am really pleased with them. I first started taking a real interest in mazers and quaiches when writing my book on the history of the wooden bowl. Up to that point I had regarded mazers as overly ostentatious and not my thing. When I started handling original ones in museums everything changed. No one could fail to fall in love with them, they are very, very special.

The quaiches have become a personal favourite and sharing a good whisky with good friends from a communal quaich is a very convivial experience. If I didn’t know how contentious whisky was I would recommend single cask Balvenie but I am sure everyone has their favourites and personal taste.

When I first talked to silversmiths about mounting these for me the quotes were in the region of £250 but I found a young Sheffield silversmith Owen Waterhouse who was as passionate about them as me so we visited the museums together trying to work out how they were made. It took a few years and a lot of experimentation but the result is that we can now make them fast enough to be able to offer them at a very affordable price. The perfect thing for a wedding present or special present for a whisky drinker.

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