My blog index and top ten posts

I have just added a new blog index over to the right and whilst I was indexing I picked out ten blog posts which have been personal favourites, have initiated corespondence and debate or have led on to other things. For readers new to my blog I hope you might find these posts of interest.

In craftsmanship and apprenticeship you’ll find various open ended discussions and I have particularly enjoyed the contributions in the comments. Is hard work good or bad? was a favourite and apprenticeships in traditional crafts another. More recently I posted about German Journeymen.

In the Traditional Crafts sections you’ll find lots of visits to interesting workshops as well as discussions about the position of traditional craft today. I shall pick out first a bit of industrial craft Pattersons Spade Mill then one of the oldest crafts of all taught by a true master flint knapping with John Lord.

The blog started out with a focus on my own turning work and the thing that still gives me greatest pleasure is when folk tell me how they have used the bowls for years or send me photos of the bowls in use like baby bowl and the perfect customer

The Heritage Crafts Association has been my passion over the last 2 years see the beginnings here.  the need for a traditional craft organisation 
And just 12 months after the first meeting of the HCA we had the forum held at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
And finally our spoon and bowl carving courses continue to be great fun a bowl carving course

The blog has been fun too, a great way of connecting with many like minded people worldwide, fellow traditional craft bloggers such as Peter Follansbee and Kari Hultman in the USA, potter Doug Fitch in Devon and I met Daniel Carpenter  HCA webmaster though the blog too.

I hope the index makes it more accessible, it will at least help me to find posts on bridges or whatever when I want to post a link. Finally thanks to all my blog readers, even those that don’t post in the comments box, I see the views counter clocking up so know that folk must be finding something of interest. Thanks to those that post links to my blog and to the Heritage Crafts Association and most of all I do enjoy the thought provoking banter so feel free to join in and post a few comments. If there were any blog posts you enjoyed or would like to see more of do let me know.

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  1. Jock September 12, 2010 at 3:37 am #

    Good skills Robin, the index and chaptering is a great idea. It turns your blog into an Electronic Coffee Table Book . cheers , Jock