a great day in Sheffield and old films

Just wanted to share a great day. It started with a visit to Flinn and Garlick the last traditional sawmakers in the UK. They were a bit busy and not many of the interesting tools were running in the workshop so I am afraid I have no photos to share this time but I will be back.
Then it was off to a meeting with Sheffield City Council, they have allocated funds and staff to undertake a survey of traditional craft skills of the cutlery and metal trades in the city, this is the first step toward finding out what the issues are facing the businesses and seeing what can be done to ensure future viability. It was a really positive exciting meeting and I am sure a lot of good will come of it.
Nest stop was Beatson Fans and Motors a lovely old Sheffield firm. I bought a while ago a big old wet grindstone, with a dead motor. Beatson’s sorted it for me and now it works a treat, it is like a monster Tormek and removes metal faster whilst leaving a finer finish, so if anyone wants my old Tormek it will soon be on the market. Round the corner is Northern Power Tools another place that fixes stuff as well as selling new. They had repaired a big electric drill for me. So much stuff these days is viewed as disposable and thrown away when it could be repaired. Anyway it was an expensive drill and I was happy not to send it to landfill.

Now to make up for the lack of pictures in this blog post I am going to share a couple of old short films which mat bring back memories for folk in the UK but are probably new to my US followers. Jack Hargreaves did a TV show from 1965 to 1980 called out of town in which he visited old country folk and reminisced about old ways, many of them are now on youtube and I am going to share a couple. If you enjoy it you can see plenty more by following the linked videos on youtube.

First a visit to a rakemaker, I love the way he squashes the rake teeth with a hammer to avoid splitting the head. If you want to miss the preamble drag the time slider bottom left across to 3 minutes.

and here is a remarkably mechanised wheelrights he tells us the felloes are oak and spokes of ash but it is an interesting old film.

3 Responses to a great day in Sheffield and old films

  1. The Village Carpenter September 16, 2010 at 10:10 pm #

    Wonderful films, Robin. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Le Loup September 17, 2010 at 5:08 am #

    Brilliant Robin, thank you so much for posting these. I had no idea they existed. Jack Hargeaves was one of my favourites to watch when I was a young man in England, and it is a real pleasure to see him again, as well as seeing these old skills performed. My Grandfather was a wheelright, so this second video is of special interest to me.Regards.

  3. Brad September 20, 2010 at 6:30 pm #

    As Nort Americano I'd never heard of this series but have really enjoyed the youtube clipe from "Out of Town". What an outstanding old gentleman. Wouldn't he ahve been good to know?Thanks for posting, Robin.