old lathes

A few days ago I posted the lovely short film of Lloyd Kahn and thanks to various comments was put onto Lloyds blog here there is lots of fun stuff, but I had to search back posts on tools and found this great picture and links. I have not managed to find the image on the museums site yet or any info, any help from Italian speaking readers appreciated. The right lathe looks at a glance very like many old bowl lathes I have seen though the central poppit is strange. I am intrigued by the smaller device too, I wonder if it is a small lathe for turning drop spindles, I see no metal centres but saw a lot of drop spindle lathes in Russia and Romania and the spindles normally just rotate in a small depression in the wood. I seem to come across old lathe pictures probably only one a year or so. They all have a story to tell so I am chuffed with this and would love to find it’s story.

“In Museo Guatelli’s central room, a former granary, the collector’s traditional farming implements have been intricately arranged into expansive, interlinked patterns.”
It’s from Museo Guatelli: http://www.museoguatelli.it/

Spotted this at: http://is.gd/ewKGx

2 Responses to old lathes

  1. flyingshavings September 28, 2010 at 9:59 pm #

    Robin, do you think the lathe may be configured for spindle turning and that central poppet is a stabiliser to take the whip out of long pieces?

  2. Robin Wood October 2, 2010 at 8:57 pm #

    It is a possibility Richard, it would be nice to know.