The Woodlanders was a great book written by Thomas Hardy written in 1887, clearly Hardy’s best novel since one character is “the hollow turner” or bowl turner. Today I received a copy of “Woodlanders, New Life in Britain’s Forests” a new book by Ian Edwards.

And here is the blurb
“Across the UK, people are rediscovering the spellbinding magic of our woodlands and the wealth of opportunities they offer. Some are doing this to make a living, others for the sheer pleasure of being out in the woods, but all are reconnecting to each other through their closer engagement with nature. This beautiful book, illustrates the diverse ways in which people are interacting with each other and their environment. Whether their passion is nature itself, or building treehouses, fashioning willow sculptures, gathering food plants or dyeing fabrics, meet the people whose vision and activities bring this inspirational community to life. Woodlanders celebrates an emerging woodland culture.”

It’s a surprisingly nice book, it has a broad range with bits of woodland history, management, folklore, community projects, crafts. It is a bit of a book to dip into rather than a structured read from cover to cover. One of my favourite sections was on the GalGael project  I have read of them before and seen the website but would love to visit. Another highlight and new to me was the work of architect Robin Baker 

There are a couple of pages of me turning a set of bowls too. The only slightly odd thing with the book is that we were interviewed on the phone then the pieces written in first person as if it was me speaking. It feels odd to see a pieces written about folk you know as if they are speaking but using words and phrases you know they wouldn’t use.
You can see a rather clever preview of the book on the publishers website here

Author Robin Wood

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