Kevin McCloud loves Craftsmanship

Kevin McCloud is well known as the TV presenter of the “Grand Designs” program which makes him very influential in forming popular opinion. It was great to hear then that he was going to speak on “value and craftsmanship” urging people to ” rediscover the unfashionable value of craftsmanship – it is the only way we will match creativity and excellent design with sustainable materials.”

You can listen to the talk here
Drag the slider to 5 mins if you want to skip the intro.

I would be interested to here what folk think. I was delighted to hear one more influential person coming out and proclaiming their love of craftsmanship and scanning back Kevin has been talking about craftsmanship in a smaller way for some years. I was less convinced by his rejection of consumerism, he is the figurehead of the “grand designs live” show, to be honest I have never been but I imagine it to be an orgy of consumerism.

Here he is opening the show. He does wear nice hand made suits but really look at these for a nasty pair of plastic scissors.

 These are what he needs

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