spoon carving course review

A nice review of my foundation spooncarving course in this months Bushcraft Magazine. Paul who did the review has been carving and teaching for some time but still enjoyed it and learned some new things. Hopefully if you click on this image it will enlarge big enough to read.

When I started I wondered whether it was a good idea teaching other teachers, particularly since it took a long time to perfect the teaching methods and techniques that I pass on. I decided the more people who teach carving in a well thought out structured way the better. Paul says he finds some of the bushcraft schools are disapproving of folk running basic introductory 1 day courses for lower prices as he does with spoon carving. Again I feel this is a good way for folk to give something a go and if they want to take it more seriously then there are more comprehensive courses out there. It’s a remarkably good magazine considering it is fairly specialist and presumably fairly small circulation, good content and decent editing and design.

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