building the world’s most iconic viking ship, part 5

This post will mostly be pictures, some of the replica, some of the original Oseberg ship. The last post left a board steamed, bent fitted and riveted or klinked on to the hull. As the hull takes shape each point is measured and set to ±5mm. It can be adjusted slightly by pressing up from underneath with props or by adding heavy rocks inside. These rocks look randomly scattered but they are very precisely placed to get exactly the right shape into the hull. Once it is dried and the ribs fitted the shape will be set.

And what a shape it is too, such sweet lines.

One of the iconic features fo the Oseberg ship are the carvings. These are some close ups of the original taken in the Viking ship museum in Oslo in 2004.

and some images showing the replica

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  1. Gorges Smythe November 16, 2011 at 11:15 pm #


  2. richard salvatore November 2, 2015 at 5:53 pm #

    Many viking style, klinker built ships are being produced these days. Replicas of the Gokstad ship and even a pre viking era vessel I’ve seen. You and your work on the Oseberg replica are the ONLY example of staying true to form in the modern era. I only wish to make clear how vital this is to the art and to thank you for doing your best on the New Oseberg Ship.