new spooncarving and knifemaking courses

One of the highlights of last year for me was Fritiof Runhall coming to Edale to teach two carving courses. He was such a fun and inspiring teacher. Part of the fun was that the course participants varied from beginners to some of the best carvers in the country and we were all learning together. This is what Steve Tomlin said on his blog
“I arrived expecting to be inspired by beautiful craftsmanship and to spend a few days enjoying carving spoons in good company but what I hadn’t expected was to learn so much from Fritiof and his spoons. Right from the start there were new ideas and techniques that surprised, impressed and inspired me. It was very interesting just to watch him work, spot similarities in our techniques and try to emulate and learn from the differences.”
Well the big news is Fritiof is coming back to teach just one course this year and there are as I write just 7 places available, last year 16 places filled pretty quick so get in quick if you want a place. Booking dates and details here 
And the other new course is really put on for my own benefit and we will see if anyone else wants to join me. 20 years ago I watched a video called Caesars Bark Canoe, it was truly inspirational. I fell in love with the vessel and with the tool used to make it, the crooked knife or mocotaugan. It just seemed so simple and yet effective. It worked like a drawknife but without the need for a shave horse and could carve shallow hollows too. Having spent a lot of time forging my own tools over the years I am aware how subtle the difference between a tool that sort of works OK and one that is tuned to fit by someone who really knows what they are doing. So I am delighted that canoe builder, spooncarver, snowshoe maker and all round superb woodworker Jarrod StoneDahl is coming to Edale to teach us how to make the perfect mocotaugan. The cost of £255 will include all materials for you to make and tune a crooked knife to take home. Here are some of Jarrod’s crooked knives.

Teaching at North House Folk School.

and paddling his gorgeous bark canoe.

and just in case you hadn’t noticed these two courses are either side of SPOONFEST so for an extra couple of days and £40 you could have a simply fantastic week.

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  1. Survival in the Wasteland April 7, 2012 at 7:51 pm #

    Jarrod is truly a superb teacher- i highly recommend attending his course if you have th' chance!