I am just back from a couple of weeks working in France and have some nice work pictures to share, first though how about a couple of French tarts.

Why is it that the French do these so well? Tarte au citron and tarte au framboise, just yummy.
The culinary highlight of the trip however was a trip to a seafood restaurant. Google had helped me find it as it was not the sort of place tourists end up. Le Chatillon is based on a fairly grotty industrial estate, but right opposite the fish market of France’s biggest fishing port. The owner was previously a fishmonger for 35 years so you can expect the very best, freshest fish possible. You don’t pay for flashy surroundings or over attentive waiters the focus is on the food. It opens at 4am to serve the folk coming to work on the docks and fishmarket and closes after lunch, on a Tuesday lunchtime the place was rammed.

We had the set menu at 18 euros and paid extra for scallops (superb) and turbot. Perhaps because I went expecting the fish to be superb the highlight was surprisingly the pudding. This was undoubtedly the best creme brulee that was ever made. The memory of it will last a long time and I shall now be spending some considerable time in the kitchen attempting replication, going to try this recipe first.

Author Robin Wood

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