spoon and bowl carving courses

Here are pics from bowl and spooncarving courses just finished. Rob Nicholson is a good greenwoodworker but this was his first go at carving bowls, he did a nice blog post showing all the stages here.

 Here are a couple of finished bowls

and then it was on to spooncarving first cutting suitable raw material with a big Japanese pull saw.
splitting the blank, this is Martin Hazel, good name for a woodworker and a talented basketmaker and spooncarver.
fairly soon we had a bunch of spoon blanks roughed out
One of the nice things about crafty courses is how much fun they are and how everyone supports each other, so different from competitive craft TV programs. This is Rebecca and Adam Hart Davis (off of the telly) both excellent carvers. Adam apparently carves on the train I’d love to see that.

 Some finely finished work, these are Rebecca’s, the tool roll is a cheapie from Lidl but works well

 Keith roughing out a big spoon from willow.

 And Martin’s collection, he was productive.

and here Lindsey is getting stuck in to hollowing out a kuksa with the adze
the end product of all this carving though is having nice things to use at the table strawbs and cream with spoons by Fritiof Runhall.

and if your utensils are nice then washing up becomes a joy, these are all the soup bowls after lunch on a spoon course.

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  1. Pete March 13, 2013 at 5:45 pm #

    I have seen Adam Hart-Davis take out his kit and carve a spoon on the train, collecting the shavings in a large plastic bag. Inspired me to start myself. (not on the train yet)