SPOONFEST is over, the first international celebration of the carved wooden spoon was all that we hoped it would be and much much more.

It has been a lot of work and I am now straight into an amazing course on mocataugan making with Jarrod Stone Dahl so no time to sort the few pictures I had time to take, instead I shall share a few links to others blogs that have mentioned the weekend so far and a photo from one visitor Jane Cannon.

 Our aim before the event was that it should be fun and inspirational, I think it managed to be both in good measure. We owe huge dept of thanks to our instructors, volunteers and the visitors who all clearly came determined to have a good time, to give and to share openly. Lots of pics and write ups on these blogs no doubt more will follow, video too. I hope to upload my pics later in the week.






and this is SPOONFEST HQ  at the Old Police Station where 6 days in there is no sign of spoon talk slowing up. What a great bunch of folk and how wonderful to be able to spend time together playing.

Tired but exhilarated.

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