This post is mainlythe first batch of photos of SPOONFEST  the first international celebration of the carved wooden spoon.  Around 170 people came together from Holland, Czech republic, Sweden, Germany, France, USA, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The week before my daughter Jojo and I were busy gathering perfect spooncarving wood, here we are thinning a birch woodland planted by a friend 28 years ago to shelter his home from drifting snow.

 Lots of lovely birch one of more than a dozen species we collected.

 And this is the entrance to the spoonfest site with the giant marquee and Kinder Scout in the background.

 This was the vision I had for the event, lots of folk sitting around carving together, sharing skills and perfect carving wood. What I had not anticipated was the huge demand for the more formal workshops.

 Inside the marquee the workshops in full swing. £10 bought you an hour and half in a small group with an expert tutor, great taster sessions.

 camp fire and kettles.

 campground, pretty idyllic.

 in the background here is Mam Tor an iron age hillfort.

 and the view in the other direction.

 This is Jarrod Stone Dahl from the USA doing a workshop on sheath making using bark and split root he had gathered locally. It was truly inspirational and after running it twice he did a third session as a demonstration so that lots more folk could see how to do it, we expect to see lots of lovely knife sheaths next year.

 as well as workshops there was lots fo time for informal carving and skill sharing together.

 this area had a collection of most of the hook knives available on the market for folk to try out for free.

 A workshop with Jan Harm ter Brugge a very talented carver from Holland, he taught sessions making small scoops from birch crooks and also carved engraving, both were hugely popular, folk who have been on my spoon courses may have eaten soup from one of his spoons.

 Here’s Barn my good friend and fellow organiser teaching a workshop on how to use the twca cam, or long handled hook knife.

 Folk who took Terence McSweeney’s workshop on posture and ergonomics for the spooncarver were blow away by his knowledge and understanding of the body and what we are doing with it when carving. After two sessions he kindly did a cut down third session for those of us who missed out. As a professional osteopath and one of the best non professional woodworkers I know he had fantastic insights to share.

 The weekend was a bit of a blur for me, I missed out on many of the workshops I would have loved to have participated in since demand was so high we ended up teaching right through, this I think was Saturday night, tired but exhilarated.

 and the campfire chat and singing was a perfect end to the day.

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  1. Ronnie (RR) August 25, 2012 at 7:01 am #

    Looks amazing, wish I had been there, spoon carving is something I have always wanted to do but never quite mastered. Lucky for me though I found your website a few years ago and bought a few with some bowls. They are lovely.