Cores recycled my waste is art

The center for wood art has for the last 30 years been the focus for the worlds best wood artists, particularly in woodturning. In their last major international exhibition I showed a piece which was a video installation along with a floor covered in my wooden cores (it was before and rather smaller than Ai Wei Wei’s magnificent sunflowers) The point was to highlight the efficiency of traditional turning and also I have always collected my cores as a record of my work, for each bowl there is a core they are individual beautiful things that I can’t bear to burn. The cores from medieval turners would have become mixed up with the shavings of the workshop which went for animal bedding and often survive in the archaeological layers, from some sites they are far more common than bowls and hundreds are found.

Now the Center for Wood Art has taken things a stage further. They gave 50 of my cores out to 50 of the world top wood artists, had them turn them into some new art and now we have an exhibition and fundraising auction of the work “Robin Wood’s Cores Recycled”. It’s pretty impressive and shows the range of talent there is out there. I for one won’t be turning my back on functional turning in the near future but it is very nice to ocasionally get some recognition for the importance of that work.  The work of the various artists is a real eye opened, selection shown below. The exhibition is at the Center Nov. 2, 2012 – Feb 2, 2013 and if you fancy buying a piece the ebay auctions close Nov 26th.

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