new bowls 450 year old design

Mary Rose bowls

The Mary Rose was Henry the VIIs ship and sank in 1545. Every sailor had his personal bowl and I have had the opportunity to study and photograph the originals during my research. Whether you particularly want a Tudor replica or just a characterful bowl for your breakfast, soup or stew, these beech bowls should stand years of hard use.  Smaller ones make a large soup or breakfast bowl larger ones are great for meals of pasta or stew. Each one is branded deeply with a replica of the “H” brand that was on the originals marking them as Henry VIIIs property.

Mussels in cider and cream, large Mary Rose bowl Galician spoon

In a frypan melt a knob of butter and soften a crushed clove of garlic throw in a bunch of mussels I used frozen shelled mussels cooking from frozen they only take 2 minutes to warm through. They are great cheap protein from a sustainable source and taste fantastic. Next tip in a good slosh of cider and crank the heat up to get it all bubbling for another minute or maybe 2. Add freshly ground black pepper I like lots. Last thing take off the heat and stir in a small glug of cream maybe about a tablespoon. From start to finish this takes about 5 minutes and it is fantastic, serve with fresh bread or I sliced and fried a left over baked potato and handful of peppery salad leaves, sprinkle with coarse sea salt, enjoy with the rest of the cider to wash it down.

Bowls available on my website here
7″ diameter out of stock £33
large  7.5″-8″ diameter £41
extra large 8.5″-9″ diameter £49

These are some of the original 450 year old Mary Rose bowls that my design is based on lots more pictures of old bowls in my book

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