if you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing

I believe that music, dance and creativity should all be part of everyday life, not just as a passive audience but something you do. In some ways I feel recording whilst it has given us all easy access to great music has maybe cut the link from live performance and just doing it. The internet seems to be breaking down and democratising performance, anyone can play and upload you don’t need a record company deal to get your stuff out there, it can be a positive sharing place, the modern day equivalent to playing down the local pub?

Edale is a tiny village but we have a lot of very talented young musicians and it makes me really happy to see folk playing like this.

This one is Billy and Peter who have been playing for ages and are now gigging with their band I set the Sea on fire. To me though this is where music is at, when you are just playing together at home.

Danny Wallington is a very serious classical musician but he also plays and sings in dub reggae band Kalichakra

This is Bella Hardy, a neighbour from Upper Booth Edale and winner of lots of awards in the folk music world.

Just lest you think it’s only worth playing if you are good, here is Danny’s dad Mark showing that anyone can perform and share the fun, Mark is an author and went on tour doing open mic sessions with his ukelele for his latest book The Uke of Wallington

As for me, I grew up in a non musical family and never played, in my teens I got into music at a time when kids were not playing, post punk, pre brit pop the 80’s were pretty dire. Me and my mates listened mostly to hard rock and old blues. I played harmonica, it was easy and you didn’t have to read music. I still play an ocasional guest slot with the local old farts R&B band the Elderly Brothers, you can read Mark’s humorous write up of the band here  we have fun.

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  1. Benjamin Heuer March 6, 2013 at 1:05 am #

    Wow, Bella has a beautiful voice! I agree that music, dance and creativity should be a part of everyday life! They bring happiness and fulfillment-at least for me. I'm a woodcarver by trade, but I haven't played a musical instrument in several years. I've had the desire to pick up the guitar again, or maybe even learn a new instrument, for a while now and this post has fanned the fire, if you will. I guess I just need to do it!