new bowls for sale

I spend a lot of time posting about my woodworking and other fun stuff here and often forget to update the most important bit of my various online sites, the gallery pages where people can buy my work. In fact most fo the pages have been showing “currently out of stock” for ages. I do have some nice bowls now ready for new homes and have just uploaded a bunch of photos. I’ll put a few up here as a taster and if you’d like to see more pop over to the gallery page.

I was quite pleased with the photos too, I normally set lights up but did these with natural light which is easier and I think nicer though next time I would shoot off a tripod so that I could work with a slower shutter speed to get more depth of field.

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  1. Cyclocross Nationals 2009 May 14, 2013 at 1:23 pm #

    Robin, I have a question about the blue bowl and the pigment used. You mentioned it was "natural" pigment mixed with linseed oil. By natural, do you mean "food safe," or produced from natural elements (as opposed to made by chemists in a lab.) What I am really wondering about is how to bring color to a bowl that is light fast and won't appreciably fade over time, but also non-toxic and won't hurt the user. Thoughts on safely using bright pigments? Many thanks.