For a long time it has been possible to buy clothing cheap and not know the true costs, by that I mean the thousands of Indian cotton farmers that have committed suicide in the last ten years or the thousand killed in the horrific Bangladesh factory collapse. Well there are alternatives. Today my new jeans arrived in the post and they were made in Wales. If you are a craftsperson you should look long and hard at these jeans and think about how you would feel opening this package and then think how you send your own work out.

I loved them before I put them on, actually when I put them on at first I wasn’t sure because they are very stiff, like jeans used to be, very tough, hard wearing and made to last. I am sure most folk would be horrified at the price but it is possible to pay more for naff designer label jeans. My last jeans were made by howies from tough thick organic cotton. They lasted 5 years. If these jeans do the same and I am sure they will they will cost less than £25 a year so they are good value. Why not treat yourself and wear your clothing with an easy conscience. see the story here 

I can’t wait for my boots to be ready they will go so well with my new jeans.

Author Robin Wood

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