Majorca a woodsman’s walking tour

Majorca is famous for cheap package tours to the sun, stag and hen parties at Magaluf and the likes.  There is another side to the island, the North coast is mountainous, wild and has a long distance footpath running along it’s length, perfect for a cheap camping holiday in May. I went with my son Ollie and best mate Chris, we took backpacks and sleeping bags and left the tents at home hoping for decent weather and sleeping under the stars. Here are a bunch of random photos.
These gates were everywhere, they are made from pruned olive branches held together with coach bolts, I loved them.
The footpaths are great with a lot of work going on to upgrade the routes using traditional methods.
everything about the landscape is gnarly old and dry
and old gate hinge, brilliant use of a naturally strong piece of wood, see the way the grain runs around the hole.
the edge of the abyss, it was a long long way down.
brew time, Chris’s stove ran on meths or twigs.
more edge of the abyss stuff high in the clouds
when the cloud cleared it was beautiful
a wonderful stone trough cut out of the rock, imagine how long this took.
back down to sea level
there are not many places you can get down for a dip and when you can the water was cool and refreshing but great to have a quick dip then bake in the sun.
ollie cooking bacon
sunset from the campsite
it was warm dry and the oranges were always just out of reach
this was the start of a very very long climb
the quality of the stone walling was exceptional
getting up there, long climbs but good views
and at the top we found dead elms and a perfect picnic spot.
standard lunch was crispbread, cheese and salami, tomatoes were a rare treat.
there are large populations of feral goats, it was close season for hunting but they are quite shy, the billies smell so strong you smell them before you see them.
cooking dinner at a high campsite
and breakfast
this was the best footpath of the trip and we landed on it by accident. It followed an old aquaduct for miles.around the contours.
more coffee

a short vid

and back down to civilisation
last night off into the woods again, we bought steak and local wine and feasted.
last day before the plane back we had to go down to Palma Nova just to see what the  beech life was like, actually it was pretty wonderful. Majorca, we like you lots and the whole holiday cost us little over £200 each. The highlights for me were finding wonderful wild campsites  and seeing the incredible 1000 year old olive trees, those are in the next blog post.
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